Steve giving a public lecture

Designing for the Flintstones: How the Products of the Future Might be Better Designed

5.45pm for 6pm start
Cardiff School of Art & Design
CSM Building, Llandaff Campus

Professor Steve Gill, Cardiff School of Art & Design
We live in a world of ubiquitous computing. Computers are in our cameras, iPods, ovens, washing machines, our children’s toys and even in their birthday cards. The phones in our pockets today have millions of times the memory of the computer in the Apollo lunar capsules. Yet many of these computer embedded products are deeply unsatisfactory. Part of the reason is that to all intents and purposes we are cave people with senses and emotions evolved to interact with the physical world in complex and overlapping ways.

In this lecture Professor Gill explores some of the reasons we have so many poorly designed products in our lives and how the situation might be addressed through better understanding of the cave people inside us all.

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