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Alex Woolley
Alex Woolley

Alex is now working for DCA in Warwick.

Alex was a researcher for the PAIPR group from 2006 – 2009. He completed his PhD  “Contextual Testing of Interactive Prototypes at the Early Stages of the Design Process” with the PAIPR group in 2008. Since completing his PhD, Alex has developed the latest generation of the IE prototyping tools, the IE4, into a commercial product. The IE4 represents a leap forward for the prototyping toolkit, both in terms of functionality and ease of use. During it’s development, the IE4 has already been used in several undergraduate and masters projects with great success. Check out the demos page to see the work Nathan Partington did as part of the UWIC MSc Advanced Product Design course hooking up a wireless, IE4 enabled prototype to Google maps in a matter of minutes.

Alex also delivered Adobe Flash lectures to the UWIC undergraduate Product Design courses, and in early 2008 was invited to deliver an interactive prototyping workshop at the Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul.


CULVERHOUSE, I., GILL, S., WOOLLEY, A. & LOUDON, G. (2009) Construct, Deconstruct & Reconstruct: Exploring interactive sketching of information appliances. Due to be published in the proceedings of IASDR 2009.

Woolley, A. (2008) Contextual Testing of Interactive Prototypes at the Early Stages of the Design Process. PhD Dissertation; University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

Gill, S., Walker, D., Loudon, G., Dix, A., Woolley, A., Ramduny-Ellis, D. and Hare, J. (2008) Rapid Development of Tangible Interactive Appliances: Achieving the Fidelity/Time Balance. In Hornecker, E., Schmidt, A., and Ullmer, B. (eds) Special Issue on Tangible and Embedded Interaction, International Journal of Arts and Technology, Volume 1, No 3/4 pp 309-331.

Woolley, A and Gill, S (2006) Contextual Testing of Interactive Product Simulations for new Generation Products In Proceedings of the 2006 European Simulation and Modelling conference, October 23 – 25, 2006, Toulouse, France, p23 – 27.

Woolley, A and Gill, S (2006) Information Ergonomics Lectures for Creative Prototyping, In Proceedings of  HCIEd.2006-1 inventivity: Teaching theory, design and innovation in HCI, Limerick, Ireland.


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