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Ian Culverhouse
Ian Culverhouse

Ian is a product designer and interactive prototyping researcher.  He graduated from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff in 2006 with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Computer Aided Product Design.  He went on to study a Masters in Advanced Product Design with a focus on Computer Embedded Products, graduating in 2007 with a Distinction.

He completed his PhD investigating the ‘Effectiveness of Rapid Low Fidelity Prototyping Techniques on the Design Development of Information Appliances’ in 2011.

As well as his research activities, Ian also works as a product designer within the PDR commercial design team where he has worked on a number of commercial design projects. Latterly these have focussed on the commercial application of research undertaken by PAIPR.


CULVERHOUSE, I. and GILL, S. (2012) ‘Better by Design: Safer Medical Devices Better and Faster (new uses of rough and ready, tried and tested techniques)’ industry case study to be presented at NordiCHI 2012, October 14th-17th, IT University of Copenhagen

CULVERHOUSE, I., GILL, S., WOOLLEY, A. & LOUDON, G. (2009) Construct, Deconstruct & Reconstruct: Exploring interactive sketching of information appliances. Due to be published in the proceedings of IASDR 2009 October 2009.,%20Deconstruct%20and%20Reconstruct%20-%20Exploring%20interactive%20sketching%20of%20information%20appliances.pdf

CULVERHOUSE, I. & GILL, S. (2009) Bringing Concepts to Life: Introducing a rapid interactive sketch modelling toolkit for industrial designers.  Third International Conference on Tangible Embedded Interactions. Cambridge UK, ACM.  Available from:


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