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Dimitrios Zampelis
Dimitrios Zampelis


phone: +0044 (0) 7891819912

Dimitrios is a Human-Computer Interaction Researcher with a background in psychology. He is currently a PhD researcher within the UCD Research group. Dimitrios’ topic is to identify ways of rapidly prototyping interactive product prototypes by exploiting augmented reality techniques. His ongoing PhD research system, IRIS, is intended to eliminate the use of prototype-stage electronics in prototype devices while increasing physicality effectiveness during the design, development and early user testing of computer-embedded devices.

Dimitrios has a Computer Science degree and an MRes in Human Computer interaction from Lancaster University. He also has a teaching background in computer and operating systems architecture and a strong background in web design and programming with languages like lisp, C, Java, prolog, etc.

Research Interests:

  • Human thinking and reasoning
  • Physicality
  • Decision  making investigation
  • Holistic rapid prototyping


Dimitrios’ site:

Socrates definition search engine: Socrates

My multi dimensional photo search engine: MDTS

Dimitrios’ artistic side: click here