Past members: Jo Hare

Jo Hare

Jo is a researcher and product designer at PDR. Her specific areas of interest are rapid interactive prototyping and user centric design, particularly the development of tools and techniques that can be applied in a commercial setting. She is currently in the final stages of a PhD on “The importance of physicality in the design of computer embedded devices”. Her PhD work relates to the AHRC/ESPSRC ‘Design for Physicality’ (DEPtH) project undertaken with Lancaster University for which Jo was previously an RA. The main objective of DEPtH was to investigate the impact of physicality on product design – how humans experience, manipulate, react and reason about ‘real’ physical things, and how this understanding can inform the future design of innovative products.

Jo studied Industrial Design and Engineering at De Montfort University in Leicester, graduating in 2004. During her degree course she spent a year working in Munich for BMW’s design and development department. After graduating, Jo worked as a product designer in Exmoor Plastics who design and develop devices for the medical industry.

Jo’s main professional focus is now the commercial application of UCD’s research knowledge and tools in e.g. medical products. You can find out more about her on her page:



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