Clara in Zambia

August 31, 2012

health post labour wardClara has just returned from her first trip to Chongwe, Zambia. She joined a Mothers of Africa team of Engineers, Doctors and Anaesthetists and carried out some initial ethnographic research that will form the basis of her PhD’s Primary research. The trip was a great success. She was able to meet a range of interesting people and visited a number of exciting locations, including rural health posts, district hospitals, medical schools and Chinese built health facilities.

 The trip enabled her to witness and gain an understanding of the issues that must be addressed when designing products for people who live very different lives from our own. Beyond this she was able to learn and experience how aspirations, life style choices, religion and gender, have a major impact on both the appropriateness and availability of products.

4th International Workshop on Physicality to take place in Birmingham

July 26, 2012

Physicality 2012 is the 4th International Workshop aimed at exploring design challenges, theories and experiences in developing new forms of interactions that exploit human physical interaction with digital technology. Physicality-based interactions extend feedback beyond the visual, thus emulating the experiences gained through our interaction with the world via our non-visual senses and control capabilities such as gesture, speech, touch and haptic. Also, the body parts used for interaction stretch out from the finger to the palm, arm and even the whole body.

This multi-disciplinary workshop will bring together researchers from industry and academia. We welcome participation from designers and technologists, artists and architects, researchers in tangible interaction and organic user interfaces, psychologists, philosophers and social scientists, and indeed, all excited by learning from the latest works and experiences in this field.

Fabian Hemmert will be giving the keynote. Fabian’s work includes mobiles that change shape, shift weight and beat like a heart and has been reported widely including as a TED talk.



Gareth runs seminar in Singapore

July 16, 2012

Gareth will be running a seminar on ‘Design Thinking’ by invitation of the Institute of Systems, Science, Singapore today. Gareth will be exploring the ways in which creative design thinking processes can have benefits well outside the domains from which the techniques originated.

Steve at the 3rd Techwave

March 22, 2012

Steve attended the third Tiree Techwave event on Tiree. Run by Alan Dix, the Techwaves are hands-on making and meeting events ‘exploring the edges of technology on the wild edge of Scotland’. Twitter: @tireetechwave.

Steve giving a public lecture

March 5, 2012

Designing for the Flintstones: How the Products of the Future Might be Better Designed

5.45pm for 6pm start
Cardiff School of Art & Design
CSM Building, Llandaff Campus

Professor Steve Gill, Cardiff School of Art & Design
We live in a world of ubiquitous computing. Computers are in our cameras, iPods, ovens, washing machines, our children’s toys and even in their birthday cards. The phones in our pockets today have millions of times the memory of the computer in the Apollo lunar capsules. Yet many of these computer embedded products are deeply unsatisfactory. Part of the reason is that to all intents and purposes we are cave people with senses and emotions evolved to interact with the physical world in complex and overlapping ways.

In this lecture Professor Gill explores some of the reasons we have so many poorly designed products in our lives and how the situation might be addressed through better understanding of the cave people inside us all.

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Clara Watkins joins PAIPR

February 16, 2012

We are delighted to welcome Clara to the team. Clara comes to us courtesy of a Cardiff Met a PhD scholarship. She is being supervised by Gareth, Steve and Prof. Judith Hall from Cardiff Medical School. Clara will be looking into how rapid prototype led ethnographic analysis can be used in the developments of culturally appropriate health product interventions in rural Zambia.

Alessio Malezia gives talk

February 8, 2012

Alessio Malizia from Departamento de Informática, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid gave a talk on the development of human computer interaction tools working via a projected multi-touch surface developed as part of a PhD by Andrea Bellucci. The talk was well attended, attracting an audience of about 100 students and staff.