Ariana Mihoc

Ariana Mihoc

Ariana is an industrial designer with research interests in product development techniques, ethnographic study, inclusivity and sustainable design. She is also highly interested in methods of increasing the quality of products from the interaction and usability perspectives.

She completed an M.Sc. in Advanced Product Design in 2011 and has since been engaged in a PhD on the uses of rapid, prototype based ethnography in the development of patient specific medical devices. Her PhD forms the core of a research project being undertaken jointly between UCD research and PDR’s Medical Applications Group (MAG). Previous qualifications include a B.A. (Hons) in Product Design, (1st) from University of Plymouth, and a B.Eng. in Industrial Design (1st class Honors) from University of Transylvania.

She also completed a 6 months internship in 2011 as a Junior Product Designer with VTech Telecommunications ,Hong Kong.

Ariana is a student member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineering and the Institute of Engineering Designers.


2012 – Mihoc A., Walters A.T., Eggbeer D & Gill S., User-Led Development of Bespoke Medical Devices, 13th Conference on Rapid Design, Prototyping & Manufacturing, Lancaster, UK, 22 June 2012

2010- Mihoc, A., Bârsan, L.:  Design for Children with Physical and Mental Disabilities – The ASD Syndrome, BULLETIN OF THE TRANSILVANIA UNIVERSITY OF BRASOV •  VOL.3 (52)-2010

SERIES I –   ENGINEERING SCIENCES, ISSN 2065-2119 (Print), ISSN 2065-2127 (CD-ROM)

2008- New designers Kids products feature, Generation Now, WGSN


2009 – 1st place in VTech Competition – inclusive  design telecomunication product for AT&T

2009 – UWIC entrance scholarship

2008 – Roland Levinsky Memorial Scholarship – winner of the School of Architecture and Design, Plymouth University – for excellent research and commitment in the development of products for children with communication disorder, bringing significant contribution to the community through academic study.

2007- BioMeed Competition , Bristol UK – jury prize – inclusive design- redesign of drinking vessels set for the elderly and the disabled.


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