Recruiting for Trial of Prototyping Tool

I am currently conducting a major piece of research towards my PhD and am looking for practising Industrial Designers who have experience of working on interactive products to take part.  The study aims to evaluate an experimental prototyping tool kit that I have developed to allow rapid low-fidelity interactive prototyping.  If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch by emailing me on

Design Thinking from IDEO

This is an interesting article on the high level design process used by IDEO, do design all things including services, not only products:

Practically speaking, the approach isn’t complicated. In stages, it goes like this: firstly, immersion, whereby the designers research the problem by plunging themselves into it – talking to the people they’re trying to help, working with them, interviewing experts. Secondly, synthesis – whereby they gather together their findings and look for patterns. Third, ideation – brainstorming solutions to the real problems identified by stage two. Then comes prototyping, making mock-ups of solutions to try out against the problem. After that comes the product. Only at the end, at the prototyping stage, are judgments made; until then, all ideas are given equal weight.,-the-post-it-way.aspx